Introducing…Trevor Jones

 Barrie, ON

Trevor is a recent graduate of the Transition to Life course in Barrie.  This smart, funny and charming young man graduated high school a couple of years ago and was struggling to make the leap into part-time employment.  Finally, he and his parents decided it was time to get some help and came to Integrated Autism Consulting for some advice.  Taking the Transition to Life course meant that Trevor learned not only interview and job preparation skills, he also gained valuable insights into the strengths and challenges of having ASD.  Trevor came to class each week with his homework done and was ready to learn.  With hard work and determination, he created and followed a weekly schedule, prepared his resume and cover letter, learned how to get a bus pass and ride the bus, went to job fairs, applied for jobs online and more!  He is currently volunteering at the Barrie Public library at the cafĂ© and has just started a position at Tim Horton’s. 

You should be very proud of your efforts Trevor!  Congratulations!

“My son completed the 12-week Transition to Life program while working with Vicky and Pat. Throughout the program, he challenged himself by working outside his comfort zone to achieve many of his goals that he co-created with guidance from his coach, Vicky. He gained confidence and the skills necessary to be able to seek employment. The team approach that Integrated Autism Consulting takes allowed us to feel supported during this challenging transitional time of his life. I strongly recommend this program to others who are struggling with ‘next steps’ and how to bridge the teen years and early adulthood.”

– D. Jones (Trevor’s Mother)

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