Prepare for Life


Prepare for Life: An Individualized Adaptive Life Skills Course

What is the primary predictor of success for individuals on the Autism Spectrum?

Is it intellectual ability? Could it possibly be the numbers of degrees individuals obtain from post-secondary institutions? Maybe it is the level of parent support or social astuteness demonstrated by individuals? Although all of these are important factors, adaptive behavior skills are considered the single best predictor of adult outcome.

You might askā€¦.what are adaptive life skills? These are the real life skills that most of us begin to learn in our households at a young age and continue to master many of these skills well into adulthood. They include grooming, dressing, safety, shopping for groceries and clothes, making friends, transportation skills, cleaning and other household skills, ability to work and last but not least money management.

Prepare for Life is a 12-week course that directly teaches and practices these skills. Each of the weekly two-hour classes involves assessment; direct teaching of the skill and opportunities to practice the skill in the appropriate context. Homework involves activities that incorporate newly developed skills into daily life.

Week One: Organization and Time Management Skills

Week Two: Money Management

Week Three: Transportation

Week Four: Food Management

Week Five: Personal Appearance and Hygiene

Week Six: Health and Wellbeing

Week Seven: Emergency and Safety Skills

Week Eight: Housekeeping Skills

Week Nine: Socialization and Friendship

Week Ten: Relationships and Dating

Week Eleven: Recreation and Leisure Activities

Week Twelve: Community Resources and Ordering at a Restaurant

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