Integrated Autism Consulting collaborates with a psychologist who provides diagnostic assessment for adolescents, and adults who are thought to have an Autism Spectrum Disorder/ASD Level 1 (ASD) but have not yet received a diagnosis or who require an updated evaluation for transition services in Ontario. Evaluations typically last for the entire day or possibly two. This varies depending upon the complexity of the case and whether the focus is on issues of diagnosis and transition planning, educational programming, and intervention.

The evaluation includes caregiver interview; review of medical, social, academic, and developmental history; caregiver questionnaires, and testing sessions with the individual. The individual is directly assessed using state of the art, empirically-based assessment instruments including the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS), Brief Observation of Symptoms of Autism (BOSA) and The Childhood Autism Rating Scale – 2nd edition (CARS2). Results of the evaluation are shared with the parents and individual, when appropriate, during an interpretive conference. An individualized, written evaluation summary with comprehensive recommendations and resources is shared with  the family and/ or individual.

Kevin Reinhardt, Psychologist, the Clinical Director of, has spent 27 years working in post-secondary education as a professor, assessor, learning strategist, assistive technologist, and. He has family/parental experience of ASD, LD, and ADHD. He has been engaged in private practice as a Psychologist providing diagnosis and treatment for many years and has a particular interest in the assessment and diagnosis of Autism (Asperger’s or Autism Spectrum Disorder – Level 1) and issues that co-occur with Autism, as it appears in high functioning older teens, women, and adults of all ages as well as ADHD and LD.

He regularly presents both nationally and internationally on issues related to disability and adults.

He is registered as a Psychologist in Ontario.

Why have an Assessment/Diagnosis or Consultation?

It is very important to know and be able to explain why you wish to have an assessment. Your reason for wanting an assessment will inform the assessment/diagnosis process and influence the way in which your assessment/diagnosis is conducted and reported and the recommendations that are made. You need to know what you are seeking, what questions you have, and communicate that clearly to the assessor.

If you are looking to confirm disability and your need for accommodations for an academic institution or a workplace, or for a provincial or federal program (ODSP funding or CRA disability tax credit) you probably should be looking at undergoing a comprehensive assessment as described below. Aspects of that comprehensive assessment may not need to be repeated if you have already undergone a recent quality prior assessment and have the report available to share with us. In such a case, a limited assessment may be possible. 

Some individuals wish to undergo assessment for the purpose of answering specific questions they may have about their functioning and may not feel that a comprehensive assessment is needed. You may wish a more specific assessment such as an ASD (Autism) focused assessment, an ADHD focused assessment, or a Psycho-Educational focused assessment (LD). If you are certain of the type of assessment you need, just get back to us about that specific assessment.

If you are uncertain or have other matters to discuss, we recommend a Consultation appointment where we can discuss and help you determine the assessment that you may need. In a consultation appointment we can look at or discuss assessment or whatever issues you desire. Consultations are $270/hour.

What type of Assessment and what will it cost? 

An ASD focused assessment, with 1 (longer) day of face-to-face assessment (short form IQ, short language assessment and no memory or LD assessment) all ASD, ADHD/Executive function measures and psycho-social/psychiatric measures would cost $3571.

An ADHD focused assessment (no ASD or LD) with 2 (shorter) days face-to-face assessment, (IQ, memory, learning (LD), executive function/ADHD measures and psycho-social/psychiatric measures) would cost $3571. 

A Psycho-educational (LD) focused assessment (full IQ, achievement, memory, executive function/ADHD measures and psycho-social/psychiatric measures) (excluding ASD) would cost $3571 and would require 2 (shorter) days of face-to-face assessment. 

A full Comprehensive assessment (psycho-educational/LD, full IQ, achievement, memory, executive function/ADHD measures and psycho-social/psychiatric measures and ASD measures) will cost $4337 including approximately 2 (longer) days of face-to-face assessment.

Each assessment includes all take home or online assessment instruments, the analysis, the report writeup, the feedback session, and a copy of the final report with diagnosis and recommendations. 

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