“Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice, lying and greed. If people all over the world…would do this, it would change the earth.”

– William Faulkner

Advocacy is what we do every day at Integrated Autism Consulting! Helping people to help themselves is the goal and it involves working towards ensuring that each person has provision for supports and services for their individual abilities, needs and learning styles.

Integrated Autism Consulting is committed to providing this support for individuals and families and has developed a comprehensive network of professional throughout the province of Ontario that can support an extensive array of needs.

Autism Advocacy Network Mission Statement:

The Autism Advocacy Network (AAN) is a group of professionals who are committed to providing best practice special educational advocacy across the province of Ontario. The main goal is to assist individuals and families to navigate the education system.​

Although, “All parents have the right to advocate for their child” (Shared Solutions, MOE, 2007, pg. 27), all parents are not able to navigate the education system independently. Integrated Autism Consulting and the Autism Advocacy Network can assist in this regard.

​The Autism Advocacy Network will focus on positive proactive strategies and each professional will follow these guiding principles:

  • Facilitate improved communication between home and school
  • Provide information about the special education process
  • Assist parents in understanding the acronyms and jargon used within the education system: (IPRC, IEP, SNC) and provide strategies and supports to get need met
  • Inform parents of their rights and responsibilities and those of the education system
  • Share resources that will assist in understanding the special education process
  • Provide direct support and or suggestions for individual situations
  • Provide education and coaching to empower families to advocate on their children’s behalf
  • Provide in-school support, when requested

 Advocacy Services:

  • Workshop development and presentations  
  • Meeting attendance
  • Consultation                                                                                           
  • Letter writing
  • Coaching                                                                                        
  • Individual Education Plan (IEP) and program reviews

Criteria for involvement as an advocate/associate within the AAN: Since AAN provides services across the spectrum, a wide variety of professionals may be involved. Experienced educators, social workers, lawyers and parents with significant knowledge of the education system may be involved as advocates. Associates will be involved on an indirect basis and will act as consultants to the AAN. • A detailed resume demonstrating experience in educational advocacy will be available and all participants will agree to the guiding principles of the network.

Process: Please contact us for further information or complete and submit the Intake Document. Initial responses will be provided by Integrated Autism Consulting.  We will contact a professional within your region that has the expertise to respond to your issue.


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