Transition to Life

This 12 week course provides direct training and individualized coaching for young adults with Asperger Syndrome/ASD Level 1 aged 18-28. It’s not just a course, but the foundation for a positive lifestyle!

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Transition to Life

Strategies to Facilitate Success – Article featured in Autism Advocate Parenting Magazine

“With Transition to Life, Patricia has put together a comprehensive program for young adults.  Patricia recognizes that the transition to adulthood doesn’t happen overnight, especially for autistic young adults.  It is a complex journey and Patricia and her team are committed to supporting both children and parents as they navigate this anxiety provoking time.

Our son participated in the online program during the early days of the pandemic.  He met weekly with his coach and attended virtual sessions on his own.  After completing the program, our son continued to work with his coach for support with seeking his first part-time job.  With support from his coach throughout the process, our son prepared his first resume, searched for and applied for jobs, wrote cover letters, and practiced interview skills.  Our son attended an in-person interview on his own and got the job he wanted at Canada’s Wonderland.  He’s thrilled.

Patricia understands that it’s not only about getting our folks a job, but even more so, we must help them keep their job.  It is instrumental that our son can continue to work with his coach, who knows him well now, to help him further develop employment skills and life skills to ensure ongoing success.

In addition, Patricia has supported me as a parent of an autistic child.  She’s listened to my concerns, offered me validation, and helped me to begin my own journey of reclaiming my identity independent of just being a caregiver.  Entrusting our son to working with a coach regularly gave me the much-needed space to explore new opportunities.  Thanks to Patricia’s support and guidance, I also applied for my first part-time job in years and have been able to sustain part-time employment for several months.  I can’t thank Patricia and her team enough for all that they’ve done to support us.”
parent of Transition to Life Graduate

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