“Pat O’Connor was a valuable member of the Training Institute faculty at Geneva Centre for Autism.  Her many years of teaching and consulting experience, combined with her writing and presentation skills and her personal knowledge of Autism Spectrum Disorders allowed her to play a vital role in several high-profile provincial training initiatives. 

Her contributions included: curriculum design and development of workshop materials; hosting, presenting and facilitation of training events ranging from a half-day to week-long sessions; the development of a certificate course specific to Asperger Syndrome; consulting to school boards, other professionals and to families; and working with educators and families to create audio-visual materials for training purposes.

​On a personal level, Pat has a fierce dedication to this field and is committed to improving the quality of life for individuals with ASD. I had the opportunity to work with her again recently and it is always a pleasure to learn from her insights and to witness her commitment. She is a powerful advocate, a knowledgeable consultant, an engaging presenter and a tireless believer in the abilities of people on the spectrum.”
Jennifer Cantello Daw
former Training Institute Manager, Geneva Centre for Autism
“Patricia O’Connor is a seasoned education professional who understands students with ASD, their learning needs, effective teaching strategies and their potential. ​

What she offers is unique insight into the special education system in Ontario and how parents and professionals can and must work collaboratively to improve learning outcomes for the student with ASD.

She also has practical ideas on how to maximize parent knowledge of the system so that they can be effective advocates for their children with the least amount of stress in response to a complex education system, both at the local and provincial level.”
Margaret Spoelstra
Executive Director,​ Autism Ontario
​Pat has been working with me for the last 12 years and has been a great help. She really cares about what she is doing and is always there when you need her most. I highly recommend her services to anyone out there with any part of the Autism Spectrum!”
Cody Howard
Georgian College Student, Young adult with Asperger Syndrome
“Patricia O’Connor is an experienced and talented consultant, trainer, coach and intervener for autism spectrum disorders.​

As a sister of someone on the autism spectrum, a special educator, and an ASD consultant and trainer Pat has a wealth of experience and a talent for sharing it to the benefit of others supporting people with an ASD.”​
Neil Walker
Director of Education and Capacity Building, Kerry’s Place Autism Services
Becoming Independent is a Non-Profit Agency that serves over 1,000 adults with disabilities in the North Bay Area of California. Over recent years our agency was impacted with the stark increase of individuals diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum. It quickly became apparent that these individuals both craved and needed a day program to better support, and accommodate their particular needs. Our search for an ideal consultant was a strenuous task to say the least. We needed to find a consultant that satisfied our need for curriculum and program development. Even more so, a consultant with experience supporting adults on the spectrum, especially those deemed already highly skilled.

After searching far and wide, eventually we were fortunate enough to come across Patricia O’Connor and the Transition to Life program. Shortly after learning more about her vision, intentions and approach we found the missions and values of Patricia’s program as akin to our own. It was then that we could begin the development of the Passport to Independence program.

Patricia provided consultation services regarding program and curriculum development as well as implementation of behavioral and teaching techniques. Patricia also assisted by coaching the administration and organizational process of launching a new and specialized program. Throughout the consulting process Patricia demonstrated depth knowledge and experience accented by her own extreme talent in effective teaching.

Patricia was transparent with both her information and materials. Trainings were conducted in multiple approaches from PowerPoint to hands on activities. The supportive materials were easily brought forth with practicality during Patricia’s trainings. Throughout training Patricia shared concepts and tools to support a range of individuals on the spectrum. Area’s of Patricia’s trainings provided staff with a qualitative understanding of the Autism diagnosis, ABA techniques and positive behavior supports. ntered training and education program to facilitate acquisition, retention and improvement of life and job skills. Throughout the consulting process Patricia was highly communicative, flexible and responsive to our needs. We are very satisfied by the relationship, provision and encouragement that Patricia has provided us. Patricia serves as an integral piece in the success of the Passport to Independence program.
Kaela Talafili
Service Manager – Becoming Independent (non-profit agency), California
Our 17-year- old son Devin has been working with Pat for less than a year and we have been delighted with the progress he has made in that short time. His conversation and social skills have improved markedly. Devin now takes great pride in helping at home and regularly cooks meals for himself and our family. With Pat’s support and guidance, Devin prepared a resume, interviewed for and was accepted into a volunteer position that allowed him to complete all his community service hours. Pat has helped Devin set a great schedule, sort out confusing social situations and manage anxiety and stress.What is even more important is that Devin’s confidence and self-esteem are at an all-time high. Pat has helped Devin discover and embrace his unique strengths and skills and he looks forward to his coaching sessions.
Christina M. Langlois, B.A., LL.B., MEd
Barrister, Solicitor & Notary Public
“Through Integrated Autism Consulting, we have found a great sense of comfort and confidence.  We found IAC while starting our transition from high school to everyday living.  Pat has provided us with great learning opportunities and a wide variety of community information to assist us in the transition. Our journey is now supportive and organized, thanks Pat!”
Parent of Young Adult, Barrie
“We would be remiss in not acknowledging the tremendous foundation work that you undertook over the past three years to help us build our professional capacity in ASD. ​

Your intensive work with the teachers of the ASD demonstration classes is a legacy that will be forever associated with you in the York Region District School Board. It is, however, your never-ending belief in the strengths of our students and your fervent approach to all of your endeavours associated with the world of ASD that has spear-headed our work in YRDSB.​ 

On behalf of the Teachers, Educational Assistants and regional Special Education Staff that you have worked with over the past few years, thank you for setting the standard of professional support for our students with ASD. You are an outstanding educator who places the students in the heart of all that you do.”
Louise Moreau
Superintendent of Student Services, York Region District School Board
Our son Patrick is a recent graduate of Transitions to Life in Kitchener and we found it to be an excellent experience. Prior to the course, Patrick had been looking for a part-time job; he had several interviews but no ultimate success. With plenty of advice and coaching from the Transitions to Life team, Patrick successfully navigated a challenging group interview and got a job as a movie theatre usher. He’s very pleased. Other aspects of the program that proved particularly useful include the session on yoga and stress management, advice on setting and achieving long-term goals and the focus on daily/weekly planning diaries. We highly recommend the program and its staff members.
Peter Taylor and Tracy Snoddon
Waterloo, ON
We have been working with Pat for many years.  She is one of the most knowledgeable and well-connected people in the business.  She genuinely cares about what she does, and the people she is seeing.​
Shawn and Paula Howard
Parents of a young adult with Asperger Syndrome​