This interactive workshop is designed for parents to explore specifc strategies and resources to support a successful transition experience to the world of enhanced education, employment and independence.

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Living Independently With an ASD

Matthew J. Lemay

 Living independently is something to which I believe everyone aspires. The freedom such independence promises is borderline intoxicating, especially to a young adult.

That said, independence is not something that comes as easily as one may think, and when you add an ASD to the mix, becoming independent can take on a whole new set of challenges.

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Thank you Cameron and Cheryl for coming to Integrated Autism Consulting for the interview about Cameron’s transition journey. Congrats on graduating and we wish you the very best!


An Inside Story by Cameron Rice

As interviewed by Cheryl Millett


‘Never Give Up or Lose Hope’

  • My choice: From a quest to find a date to cooking to health and wellness
  • My body: Researching good food to feel good
  • My brain: Thinking good, understanding food and how my body works
  • The Gut Brain connection: Dairy (opiates, dopamine and brain)


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"Is THIS what I think it is?" Erik's eyes twinkle. His dimples emerge, playful.

"That depends," I smile, slightly teasing, "...what you think it is..."

"I think you know what I think," he whispers, dimples escalating. A huge smile is brewing, threatening to erupt. He bites it back. This is better than Christmas. 

"And I think YOU know what it is," I reply. 

It is like we have uncovered buried treasure, and in fact we have. We have discovered the former Erik, and there it lie, silky and green and vulnerable on his bed. We both gaze at it, savouring it, marvelling and remembering.



" When life's special moments - with Erik and autism - offer themselves up, I write them down. I call them 'ASD Snapshots'... Here is one about Erik's New Years resolution... and his capacity for absolute empathy... Which, of course, you know 'absolutely exists'... :) " -Teresa


The Transition to Life Kitchener Waterloo course was a great success! We would like to congratulate the Transition to Life Kitchener Waterloo participants for their involvement in the program and for all of their hard work and dedication. 

Graduates, please keep in touch! We always love to hear updates on what you are up to!

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