Transition to Life participants have been busy being social for the past couple of weeks. Last week they enjoyed a waterfront walk ending with ice cream and sweet treats. They also engaged in Social Improv with Rachel, one of our Transition to Life teachers. 

Congratulations to our participants on getting out there. We are glad to see everyone having fun while learning new skills!

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Imagine a Life is an interactive workshop designed for parents to explore strategies and

resources to support successful transition experiences.


Participants will:

• Understand the critical success factors when developing a transition plan

• Learn how to assess and develop goals for their child in each of the following areas: life

skills, job readiness, community involvement, social understanding and sexuality,

healthy, life long learning

• Explore self-regulation and anxiety reduction strategies

• Review barriers to developing a meaningful daily schedule (executive functioning,

computer addiction and sleep)

• Begin the process of developing a meaningful daily schedule for their child

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Highlights include:

  • Transition to Life Course and Individualized Coaching
  • Workshop and Playshop
  • Talents and Accomplishments

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On April 27 Paulette and Pat attended the Youth Speaking Up Forum on professional care for LQBTQ2+ youth at Lakehead University in Orillia. It was sponsored by the Gilbert Centre and topics included healthcare, school, housing, families, mental health and employment. The information was excellent and the speakers were knowledgeable and dynamic. One of the organizers is Nelson Morgan and I asked if they would provide some thoughts….


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I’m 22 years old and am a recent graduate of the Arts and Design Fundamentals certificate program at Georgian College. I am extremely interested in Digital Photography, particularly Still Life and Nature Shots. I am very adept at photoshop and enjoy using my computer to enhance and create pieces of digital artwork.


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Artist Statement

I am Marshall Abbott. I am a painter with experience in other mediums. My work is non-realistic, sometimes fantastical, often abstract or surreal. My goal in my work is to create art that is a window into another world. Worlds that are noticeably not real but created with enough detail that one can easily suspend their disbelief and believe it could be. 


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