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I have a passion for the outdoors, and outdoor recreation. I love camping, canoe tripping, mt. biking, skiing, and reading. Most of my favourite books are about explorers, and peoples adventures in the outdoors such as climbing Mt. Everest, to exploring remote areas of Canada by canoe or sailing around the world. Growing up every summer my family went on canoe trips in northern Ontario. Georgian Bay has a fond spot in my heart, especially the north channel. I also like art in particular drawing. My favourite medium is pencil and pencil crayon. My artwork reflects my love for being in the outdoors and nature. Art from a young  age has always been an activity I have found really enjoyable. I have multiple sketchbooks full of drawings, too many to share them all. Here’s just a few pictures. Hope you enjoy my artwork as much as I do creating it.

Greetings Gamers! So last week I reviewed the game that started it all for me now I'm going to talk about a game series that has been the closest thing to what I consider story masterpieces, in video games for me at least! So all these games are available on Steam which is a PC platform!

Now, "The Legend of Heroes" series has a total of 6 games! The first 3 games are The Trails in the Sky chapters 1,2,3 -  they are what started me in this grand adventure with two protagonists named Estelle, Bright and Joshua Bright. They are setting out into the world to become bracers, which are a guild that serves the common people. Now so you all know there is A LOT of information that I could never begin to cover, which might take me hours haha so the best way I can explain is PLAY the first 3 games Trails in the Sky because the next 3 games continue the story!

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