Congratulations to our newest graduate of the TTL program! Alanna Wilson is a smart, dedicated young woman that has shown a lot of promise over the course of the Transition To Life program. She worked hard through each section, and challenged herself in many areas. She is funny, organized and determined, and showed so much strength throughout our discussions and work together. Alanna has worked hard at narrowing down her dreams for the future and is on a brilliant track to achieve those dreams.

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Mark was an absolute pleasure to work with! He attended all TTL sessions even though he had to commute during the winter months! Mark is interested in working towards being a heavy equipment repair technician so during our time together, we explored the field and he engaged in an informational interview with someone working in the field. Mark also stepped out of his comfort zone as he joined the Social Club and did some very interesting community volunteer work!  Check it out below! Congratulations Mark!

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Aidan is a recent graduate of the Transition to Life Course!

At this time, Aidan is successfully employed at Holly’s Pride Kennel for Dogs, where his is caring for dogs by walking them, playing with them and of course cleaning up after them. His determination to find his place in life is admirable! Although he has not settled on the career, he clearly understands what he does not want to do. 

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The book I’m going to talk about is called “The Girl Who Came Home” by Hazel Gaynor.  

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