Hello Everyone, My name is Nicole Lachance. I am 24 years old & live in Barrie. On July 1st 2018, I reached 1 of the most important milestones in my life, getting my 1st apartment. Having your own place doesn't just happen overnight, there are many skills you need to learn & be able to accomplish on your own, before getting your own place. Cooking, Cleaning, Finances just to name a few.

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Note: This article was originally published in 2017

Living independently is something to which I believe everyone aspires. The freedom such independence promises is borderline intoxicating, especially to a young adult. 

That said, independence is not something that comes as easily as one may think, and when you add an ASD to the mix, becoming independent can take on a whole new set of challenges. 

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Beautiful queen bee look to welcome the warm weather and sunshine.

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Victorian Reminiscence or: When a Vampire Accidently Starts Regretting his Life Choices

By Devin Rae

Chapter 1: Did I Do That?

Sylvester had hoped to have an uneventful morning.
He had hoped that just this once he would be able to get through at least the first few hours of the day without having to deal with the infuriating shenanigans or even lip from his subordinates. But now he had woken up to find nearly all of his paintings tipped and Mackenzie Jayden, the useless, lanky, unshaven excuse for a subordinate in office worker attire once again attempting to draw as much ire to himself as possible with this stunt. Typical psychic vampires. And if that wasn’t enough, just as he had deigned to punish the fool, he found his attention drawn to a certain painting that had been damaged during the somewhat turbulent punishment. A painting of a massacre.
A massacre Sylvester recognized.
“Sir?” A voice called out from behind, knocking Sylvester out of his trance “Is everything alright?” Turning around, he found himself looking at the red-skinned business-suited form of his right-hand demon, Beatrice Isabella looking at him with concern in her eyes and a ‘tablet’ as they called it in her hands “Everything is set for our expedition. Do you need me to gather everyone?”

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