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Sun. 16 Feb, 2020

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Mon. 17 Feb, 2020

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Tue. 18 Feb, 2020

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Wed. 19 Feb, 2020

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Thu. 20 Feb, 2020

The Spectrum Connection - Group collages / Crafts!

Thu. 20 Feb, 2020 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

The Spectrum Connection - Group Collages / Crafts!

Relax, put on some music, chat with friends, and get crafty!

I will  try to supply a large bristolboard-type sheet for us to use as a base. We will create a large collage as  a group where we can all contribute prints and cutouts of things that resonate with us! Feel encouraged to bring any magazines or other materials that can be cut up and used for art. I will bring a bunch of old PC gamer magazines of mine that I found so that should help us with our selection of cuttable materials. We will make sure everyone gets to include things into the collage, and maybe we can then put it up in the centre afterwards.

People also mentioned putting together more recent photos from the Social Club's last couple years to make a new photo collage to hang in the centre. We can look at this idea too!

Relax and express your creativity! We can make collages / other art, as well as create with Lego, 3D Puzzles, etc. Feel free to bring anything in the vien of creativity that you and others can utilize (eg. magazines and such that could be cut up for creating collages). With lot's of new members lately, this is a great opportunity to see what your colleagues create and to express your own creativity as well!

 We have lot's of useable supplies at the Centre, but feel free to bring your own too!

This event is something different each month - check back each month to see what we'll be doing! 
The Spectrum Connection is a group of young adults with Asperger Syndrome/HFA, aged 18-28, who get together monthly for a social outing. The number of participants varies but averages 8-10 people. Activities are chosen and sometimes organized by group members and have involved: bowling, supper out, beach outings, a pool party, mini-putt, go-carting, board game nights, and trips to Wasaga Beach, Canada’s Wonderland and Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto. Members often get together for additional social opportunities between outings.
Where: Integrated Autism Consulting Centre, 45 Maple Ave, Barrie
Time: 6:30pm - 8:30pm
What to bring: Creative supplies!
Cost: Social Club Membership.

Fri. 21 Feb, 2020

There are no events on this day.

Sat. 22 Feb, 2020

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