Winter Newsletter 2024

Winter 2024 Newsletter

Celebrating Accomplishments !
Happy 10+ Anniversary to
Integrated Autism Consulting!!
In the Spring of 2014, Integrated Autism Consulting selected 45 Maple Avenue as the venue for its first ever coaching and training centre location – a development that also marked the Ontario-wide expansion of the Transition to Life program and individualized coaching. Envisioned as a place for young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders to attend educational programming developed to foster independent life skills, the scope of 45 Maple Avenue soon evolved and matured.
Thank you!
In light of the upcoming anniversary, we at Integrated Autism Consulting would like to extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who took the opportunity to walk through those jet-black doors at 45 Maple Avenue and to everyone who we have worked with before and since.

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During our anniversary year, we would like to do feature articles on some of our Transition to Life and coaching graduates. These individuals have embraced the transition to adulthood and are thriving.
David Francis: Resilience Embodied

Resilience is a uniquely important character trait. A resilient person is adaptable, someone who meets life’s adversity head on, stays positive and strives to learn and grow from their experiences. Adept at seeing the bigger picture, those with a developed capacity for resilience understand all that they have to offer and view setbacks as hurdles to be overcome in the complex journey of life. 

It is a trait that Transition to Life graduate David Francis has come to embody.  

David’s work experiences prior to Transition to Life  were part-time, with inconsistent hours and often long stretches of intra-provincial travel. Holding a degree in Religious Studies and a certification in HR Management, he was looking for a full-time, salaried position that would challenge him while engaging with his many skills.  

Enter Integrated Autism Consulting.
Armed with job readiness skills from the Transition to Life program, founder Patricia O’Connor connected David with Specialisterne – an organization devoted to helping autistic and neurodivergent Canadians find meaningful employment.

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Transition to Life Graduates
Kevin Alexander

Kevin is a remarkable young man, who is honest and organized. He was
open and dedicated to the Transition to Life course and did an excellent
job completing activities, practicing, and discussing.

Kevin enjoys getting out in the community and typically takes various
public transportation to wherever he needs to go. Kevin is not one to shy
away from getting out of the house or meeting new people: Kevin’s
confidence in getting out there is something to be admired!
Congratulations Kevin, on all of your achievements so far, and thank
you for all your persistence and hard work throughout the course!I wish
you all the best as you continue to pursue your interests and future
goals. With your dedication and determination, you can accomplish
many great things!

-Coach, Chris

Shauna Quinn


Shauna is a wonderful young lady, who is thoughtful and kind. She was open and dedicated to the Transition to Life course and did an amazing job completing all activities and practice!

Shauna was very engaged in creating goals for herself, which focused on finding employment, making social connections, and building independence and confidence. She showed great commitment and focus when working towards her goals and learning new skills. Shauna worked especially hard on her interview skills and successfully found employment before the course ended! An incredible achievement! Shauna applied various conversation skills during several of our discussions throughout the course. She knows her values and is very respectful towards others.

All of the traits required to make her a wonderful friend! Shauna enjoys music and is interested in playing guitar. Along with pursuing her other hobbies, such as baking, fashion and journal writing, she would also love to learn and try new things.

Congratulations Shauna, on all of your achievements so far, and thank you for all your hard work throughout the course! I wish you all the best as you continue to pursue your interests and future goals. With your dedication and determination, you can accomplish many great things!

-Coach, Nicole

Out and About
Paulo Kabateraine: South Africa
Paulo recently returned from South Africa and shared these fabulous pictures of his trip to his home country.  Paulo once lived in Lesotho and while there he visited the magnificent Maletsuyane Falls, the highest waterfalls in the world, as well as the Thaba Boslu Cultural Village where the first King of Lesotho, Moshoeshoe resided.
Thank you for sharing, Paulo!
Paulo is a graduate of the 2017 Transition to Life Toronto course and an active member of our on-line Social Club!

Caleb Winter: Costa Rica
Caleb recently returned from Costa Rica and shared these wonderful pictures of his trip.
Thank you for sharing, Caleb!
Caleb is a graduate of the Transition to Life course and an active member of our on-line Social Club!

Congrats, Graduate!

After working hard over this past year, Olivia is celebrating her recent graduation from the Food Services program with Georgian College! Olivia learned many skills from the program, such as how to make modifications to a menu to accommodate a variety of dietary sensitivities. She learned some of the leading causes of health issues related to food service and how to properly deliver person centred care in food service related to healthcare. Olivia also enjoyed the modules her professors included throughout her course, as they would include funny graphics! Olivia is now focused on finding a position as a Dietary Aide.

Best of luck on your job search, Olivia, and congratulations on graduating from your course and achieving your Food Services Worker certificate!

Programs and Services
Across Ontario and Beyond! 

 We currently offer in person programming at our office in Barrie and virtual Coaching, Consultations and Workshops
Remember your Passport funding can be used for many of our services!
Mentoring Services:
This service is ideal for young adults who are seeking assistance with getting involved in their local community (within Simcoe County).

IAC Mentoring Services provides:
  • Focus on social skills and life skills development 
  • A supportive mentor will be matched to each participant, based on their interests and goals
  • Goal-targeted planning is provided 
For more information on Mentoring services, contact
Transition to Life
Program Overview:
  • Individualized Course & Coaching 
Virtual or in person at our Barrie office

Each week you will receive:
  • Direct Teaching & Instruction
  • Focus on Goal-Setting
  • Practical Assignments, Interactive Tasks
  • Volunteer/Employment Support
Course Content:
  • Understanding your Diagnosis
  • Transition from Secondary School to Life
  • Assessment of Current Skills
  • Emotional Regulation & Anxiety Reduction
  • Social Understanding
  • Healthy Relationships: Friendship & Sexuality
  • Employment
  • Self-Employment
  • Independent Living
Course Structure: 2 hours of one-to-one teaching & coaching weekly
  • 12 weeks in length
Visit our website for more information on the course, to fill in an application click here or contact
Imagine a Life – Workshop for Parents
An interactive workshop designed for parents to explore strategies and resources to support successful transition experiences. 

Workshop Overview:
Participants will focus on:

Transition Planning
  • Understand critical success factors when developing a transition plan 
  • Learn how to assess and develop goals for their child in each of the following areas: life skills, job readiness, community involvement, social understanding & sexuality, lifelong learning 
Explore Strategies
  • Explore self-regulation and anxiety reduction strategies
Schedule Development
  • Review barriers to developing a meaningful daily schedule (executive functioning, computer addiction and sleep hygiene)

Who it’s for: for parents and caregivers of adolescents and young adults with ASD
  • Individualized workshop and consultation
  • Date and Time TBD by parent/caregiver

Visit our website for more information on this workshop or contact
The Spectrum Connection
In-Person Social Group at IAC
The Spectrum Connection is a monthly social group for Autistic young adults that meets in the Barrie community!
  • Includes monthly events organized by a coordinator that will be held on the final Thursday of each month. Cost: $30.00 plus HST.
Registration for Spectrum Connection:
Personal Finance for Autistic Adults
Free Online Course
This online course is offered through Autism Ontario and covers various topics including banking, budgeting, understanding debt and credit and developing awareness of financial scams.
  • Click here to register using the online form.
Exploring Affordable Rental Housing Options
Join DSO Housing Navigators for a free virtual presentation on various types of affordable and rent geared to income options available to individuals with low to moderate income.
  • Click here to register for the event.

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