Transition To Life Graduate: Alex Hayman

Congratulations, Alex Hayman from Sudbury!


Alex completed the Transition to Life Course in November 2019.

He attended the course in Barrie, driving from Sudbury on Saturday morning, working for two hours with the course material and driving back to Sudbury in the late afternoon. During Alex’s weekly trek he was accompanied by a parent. What a family commitment!

Alex’s interests are in sports, sports statistics, cars, and film/movies and he has obtained a degree in Cinema and Media Studies from York University.

Alex worked diligently throughout the course to determine next steps.  He completed all the checklists, integrated the tasks into his daily schedule and worked to understand how to move towards independence.  He challenged himself to step outside of his comfort zone several times. Great work, Alex!

Alex is a wonderful, friendly individual who loves sports and video games.  He started his volunteer work with a marketing company in Sudbury, supporting the owner with a variety of different tasks. He currently is volunteering for the Sudbury hockey association by summarising the statistics from the Sudbury Wolf games.

It was awesome getting to know Alex as he began to determine the next steps in his life path! Best of luck in the future and if you ever want to drive to Barrie again, we will always be glad to see you!

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