Transition to Life Graduate: Aidan Doucette

Aidan is a recent graduate of the Transition to Life Course!

At this time, Aidan is successfully employed at Holly’s Pride Kennel for Dogs, where his is caring for dogs by walking them, playing with them and of course cleaning up after them. His determination to find his place in life is admirable! Although he has not settled on the career, he clearly understands what he does not want to do. 


Aidan is a very independent individual!  He easily gets to and from work, either on transit or by driving his parent’s car.  He is enjoying his work with the dogs and is excited that he gets weekly paychecks.  Aidan also attends a D&D group and Magic the Gathering group each week. He enjoys these games and spending time with other gamers. Aidan is an amazing young man who is comfortable where he is in his life but is also looking forward to what will happen in the future. 

Well Done Aidan!!

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