Jacob’s Game Review – The Legend of Heroes

Greetings Gamers! So last week I reviewed the game that started it all for me now I’m going to talk about a game series that has been the closest thing to what I consider story masterpieces, in video games for me at least! So all these games are available on Steam which is a PC platform!

Now, “The Legend of Heroes” series has a total of 6 games! The first 3 games are The Trails in the Sky chapters 1,2,3 –  they are what started me in this grand adventure with two protagonists named Estelle, Bright and Joshua Bright. They are setting out into the world to become bracers, which are a guild that serves the common people. Now so you all know there is A LOT of information that I could never begin to cover, which might take me hours haha so the best way I can explain is PLAY the first 3 games Trails in the Sky because the next 3 games continue the story!

 “The legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel” takes place in a different country, 3 years after the events of the first series and a lot of characters from the first game series show up in The Trails of Cold Steel again! A lot I could explain but trust me it’s so much worth it,  the less you know and just sit down and play through them all, the better…now as for the length of the 6 games in total…it would take about over 200 hours depending on playstyle to get through all 6 games! There is so much to enjoy!

I can say for certainty you will not be disapointed with this amazing series. Now I know this is a review section but I can’t express enough that I can’t spoil any great experience of this series by talking about the story…it’s somthing everyone should enjoy without me delving too deep! But iI can say to all of those who love jrpg games – you will fall in love with this series as I have! 

…and as always I’m Jacob Wilson! “GAME ON”

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