Jacob’s Game Review – The Legend of Dragoon

Hello everyone! Today, on our first game review, is the game that started it all for me. A tale of great friendship, betrayal, love and overcoming the odds.

I’m talking about the play station 1 game “The Legend of Dragoon” this is a jrpg game that was released in 1999. At 5 years old, I first played it. It immediately caught my attention as the story begins with a big bang, and you begin your adventure as the main protagonist Dart Feld. His journey is of revenge, coming back to his home and his close childhood friend Shanna who is taken by the Imperial Sandora army! The game has a huge cult following and still – to this day – has many fans who wish for the game to be remade! Anyone who plays the game start to finish knows…that this game is the true essence of a great jrpg video game!

Thanks for tuneing in for my first review. I hope you all enjoyed it! I hope to give you more game reviews in the future! Feel free to email me your suggestions of games you want me to try or if you have any questions! As always, I’m Jacob Wilson “GAME ON”!

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