Transition To Life Graduate: Yasmeen Sayed

Congratulations,Yasmeen from Brampton!


Yasmeen is a recent graduate of the Transition to Life Course.

She is an artist, cartoonist and is currently employed  at two jobs.  She works in digital media for a hair extension salon and in a real estate office where she works in administration and digital media.

Throughout the Transition to Life Course Yasmeen focused on each week’s topic, worked towards her goals, as well as developing a clear understanding about life after college – adult life.  She structured her days to include time for work, developing her comics, working on art projects, completing independent living skills and social time.  She has joined two social groups; one is a games night and another is dinner and a movie. Wonderful work, Yasmeen!

Yasmeen uses her Digital Graphic Design certificate and her experience to create comics. She is currently working on a comic book about her life with autism and she hopes to publish in the near future!

Yasmeen’s interested include character drawing, comics, anime, computer design and visual storytelling. You can see her work at her website:


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