Transition To Life Graduate: Xavier

Congratulations, Xavier from Toronto!


Xavier has recently completed the Transition to Life Course.

Xavier has many plans for the future – real estate sales, fashion designer, rap artist, and a chef, to name a few.

For now, he needs to continue to work to complete high school. He is focusing on participating in a co-op placement in the fall within a music recording studio. His continues to actively seek employment – especially for the summer and has several opportunities to pursue.

Throughout the course Xavier worked each week to complete all the assignments and tasks.  Working towards his goals, he was able to visit a recording studio and complete an informational interview with the owner.  There he learned about the recording industry, and that college is a good option to learn the skills needed for working in the recording industry. 

He practiced the skills needed to advocate for himself at school and in his future employment. Xavier continues to work on skills related to  social communication.

Congrats Xavier for a job well done!!

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