Nicole Lachance: Proud to be Living her Independent Dream

Hello Everyone, My name is Nicole Lachance. I am 24 years old & live in Barrie. On July 1st 2018, I reached 1 of the most important milestones in my life, getting my 1st apartment. Having your own place doesn’t just happen overnight, there are many skills you need to learn & be able to accomplish on your own, before getting your own place. Cooking, Cleaning, Finances just to name a few.


One skill that I am proud to accomplish on my own is cooking. I went from always having to rely on my mom to cook all my meals, to teaching myself how to cook meals with fresh ingredients & none that are frozen & out of a box. 1 meal that I make that has recently become 1 of my favourites is “Buffalo Chicken Pizza” The instructions for this recipe are quite simple: Assemble your pizza dough with Ranch Sauce as your pizza sauce, sprinkle on both Mozzarella & Feta Cheese, mix together cooked Chicken Strips, Buffalo Sauce & Butter in a separate small bowl & then top your pizza with the mixture. Set your oven for 350 degrees & cook for around 10 – 12 minutes, Afterwards (If you choose too), top with Green Onion. If I can follow a simple recipe like that, anybody can!

Aside from taking care of my apartment, I also try too stay active in my community. I work part-time at HomeSense in the Georgian Mall & really enjoy my job! I have worked at HomeSense for almost 4 years now. My job is not just a job, it’s a place were I can also go & have a few laughs with my co-workers as well while I’m working (And we all have plenty). My managers & fellow co-workers love having me as part of their team, & I’m very grateful to be apart of such a fantastic, caring company.

I have also found the time to take up a new activity for socializing & exercise: 10-Pin Bowling with Special Olympics Barrie. This past fall was the 1st time I ever decided to join something with Special Olympics Barrie, & I’m certainly glad I did. My bowling teammates & coaches are some of the nicest people I have ever met & as a result, I plan to continue with 10-Pin Bowling in the future as well as take up another sport with Special Olympics Barrie when that time comes: Track & Field.

On the subject of 10-Pin Bowling, there is 1 teammate in particular who I have a fantastic relationship with, her name is Annabelle.

Annabelle & I aren’t just bowling teammates were also co-workers. I first met Annabelle in October 2016, when I started my job at HomeSense on placement, & her & I always had a great relationship with each other right from the start, & ever since I joined 10-Pin Bowling with Special Olympics Barrie, her & I didn’t just become co-workers with each other anymore, we became best friends.

I am truly grateful for this relationship / friendship I have with Annabelle, & I hope that both of us are friends with each other for a very long time. Or we call each other “Partners in Crime”. 

Thanks to my family, Integrated Autism Consulting and others who have helped me on my road to independence!


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