Jamie Proctor: Animal Enthusiast

When Jamie came to Integrated Autism Consulting, he was looking for support in confidence-building and exploring meaningful and interesting work opportunities. While he had already accomplished an undergraduate degree and had experienced a variety of jobs in the past, he was never fulfilled in what he was doing.

Other areas that Jamie wanted to address were his lack of motivation, his high level of anxiety, and he wanted to communicate more effectively and understand himself better. Goals were established in these areas and Jamie responded with enthusiasm. What a change he has made! In just over a year, his hard work paid off in spades! Jamie has accomplished so much, and his family and everyone at Integrated Autism Consulting are so proud of him! Jamie worked purposely to communicate his wants, needs, emotions, and thoughts more effectively. Once he understood his emotions, he was able to navigate challenging situations in a more positive manner.

With the assistance of the Community Development Corporation in Orillia and its youth employment program, he also found a job that he LOVES and that challenges him daily! He is currently balancing three jobs, but his favourite is at Speaking of Wildlife in Simcoe County. He loves the animals and has made a special connection with a Sand Hill Crane named Atticus. Not only is he enjoying his current role but he understands that there are opportunities for the future growth. Very exciting!

“Jamie’s life has been transformed. He now has a more meaningful schedule that has allowed him to develop his life skills to the point of no longer needing reminders! His family notes that he is positive and cheerful, and, most of all, that he appears to thoroughly enjoy social interactions and life in general. I can’t say enough about this brilliant, determined young man. I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with him and support him on his journey. I wish him the absolute best in all his future endeavours!!”
Coach Chantelle – Integrated Autism Consulting

On a Side Note: This situation was a perfect example of teamwork. Jamie worked diligently on his goals, ongoing family support exists, CDC and IAC worked in partnership and the coach/participant relationship was strong. What a team!!

Watch Jamie in this video,
as he is featured with his colleagues at Speaking of Wildlife, discussing the Best and Worst Parts of their Jobs! https://fb.watch/6cq8IpVWZk/

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