Jacob’s Game Review – Final Fantasy 7 Remake

This week Jacob reviews Final Fantasy 7 Remake!

 “Greetings Gamers! This week we will be talking about Final Fantasy 7 Remake…. It just came out this month and I have finished playing it recently. I’d like to say wow!! It blew me away! I haven’t got sucked into a game in a very long time and this is super fun! It’s action combat mixed with jrpg turn-based elements! This is a remake of the original game that came out on PlayStation 1 in 1990. The original game was a rushed production. While still being completed the developers wanted to do much more with it; so with this remake, they changed the story almost entirely but kept the same premise of the original Final Fantasy 7 remake. It will be released in multiple games because the original game had 3 disks and they want to explore everything!

I spent 42 hours in this game and it even has replayability due to hard mode and even a new game plus! I look forward to trying that out myself! It has great voice acting and amazing combat as well as seamless cut scenes too! Combat scenes wowed me to the point I thought I was watching a movie but I was in combat, watching what was going to happen next! This is a must grab for the month of April!

As always gamers ……”GAME ON”

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