Jacob’s Game Review – Dragon Quest 11

This week Jacob reviews Dragon Quest 11!

Hello gamers! This week we are talking about Dragon Quest 11! Dragon Quest has been around since the 1990s and is a huge staple in jrpg history. It originated in Japan and the art for the game was made by none other than the man who draws for the Manga – Dragon Ball! Dragon Quest 11 has been my new favourite in the series besides number 8 for the PS2 and I’ve been a very longtime fan! The games are funny, witty and full of great turn-based rpgs at its finest! Here’s a little fun fact! In Japan they had to pass a law that any Dragon Quest game that is being released must happen on a weekend due to the fact that people were taking time off work to play the new entry to the series. This goes to show how many people love this game! Well, Dragon Quest 11 has a great cast of characters, and a great story that everyone should enjoy! It’s on PS4, 3DS, and the Nintendo Switch is coming out with a definitive version which I hope one day I get to try!

As always gamers! “GAME ON”

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