Introducing…Chase Kavanagh

Burlington, ON

An amazing young man on his life’s journey – here is his story!

I graduated the Transition to Life course in the fall of 2017 and throughout 2018 life has been looking for work.

While I was searching for a job, I joined the Ireland House Museum as a volunteer archivist, working with a group one morning per week to catalogue donated items, photos and clothing. I have also been involved in the Autism Job Club in Burlington, meeting with the group every two weeks, where we talk about how to gain and keep employment. I also enjoy spending time with friends, joining in social activities and trying new things is always great! 

Last fall I found a job posting for a seasonal sales associate and Mastermind Toy Store. I revised my resume and applied.  I landed an interview!  With my coach from Integrated Autism Consulting I went to the interview, sat down with the manager and discussed what I was able to do at the store.  I disclosed that I am on the autism spectrum and asked about the store policy for inclusive hiring.  At the end of the interview, she offered me the job!

In the role of merchandiser I worked at opening boxes and putting toys on the shelves in the store. I was also able to do other tasks such as recycling boxes, assisting co-workers with their work, and a variety of other tasks within my scheduled hours of work. Most of all I helped customers when they approached me for assistance. At the end of my eight weeks of employment the staff members stated that they loved having me as a co-worker at Mastermind. Working at Mastermind was a valuable learning experience. 

I am currently looking for another part time position.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me!

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