Introducing Beatrix Switzer

Congratulations to Bea who recently completed Fashion and Editorial Make-Up and Make-Up Comprehensive Certifications from George Brown College. Her creative, focused and detail oriented approach to her profession led her to head of her class. Her exemplary work has resulted in positions as a make-up artist on set and head of make-up for two movies in Toronto! You go Gal! Bea wasn’t a fan of high school but loved this college experience since it was based on her interests. 

 She has no shortage of interests…Currently she is focused on the development of her coral reef tank. Horseback riding is another passion. Bea loves to compete in dressage with her horse Mozart and continues to win first place ribbons!

Last but certainly not least is Stanley, Bea’s service dog, companion and friend. Stanley enjoys working and education people about service dogs. 

Bea is an excellent advocate for people with ASD and speaks to school children and the public about her experiences.

Wonderful work, Bea! Everyone is very proud of you!

“Autism is my Kind of Normal!”

Picture Gallery:

1. Bea and her service dog Stanley

2. Frost bite application (Dad) 

3. Bald head application (Mom)

4. End of year project – Special Effects (Anna)

5. Bea and Mozart at the barn

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