Fun Facts with Daniel

1. Tokyo has the most populous metropolitan area in the world, with a population of 38,635,461 as of August 1, 2011.  In fact, there are more people in Greater Tokyo than in all of Canada, which only has a mere 33,476,688 residents as of the Canada 2011 Census.  Tokyo is also a very densely populated city, with around 6,000/km2.  Since the city is surrounded by ocean on one side and mountains on the others, there is nowhere for it to expand except upwards and downwards.  There are many large skyscrapers throughout the city as well as many underground shopping malls and 13 different subway lines.  Tokyo’s subways are so crowded that many lines have “pushers” whose job it is to pack as many people as possible onto each train during the morning and evening rush hours.Here is a CNN article about the Tokyo subway:

 2. Bolivia has 37 official languages — more than any other country on Earth.  These languages include:AraonaAymaraAyoreoBaureCanichanaCastellano (Spanish), CavineñoCayubabaChácoboChimánChiquitanoEse EjjaGuaraníGuarasuaweGuarayuItonamaLecoMachajuyai-KallawayaMachineriMaropaMojeño-IgnacianoMojeño-TrinitarioMoréMoseténMovimaPacawaraPuquinaQuechuaSirionóTacanaTapieté,Toromona, Uru-Chipaya, WeenhayekYaminawaYuki, and Yuracaré.  Bolivia’s constitution says that Spanish and all indigenous languages are official and specifically mentions 36 indigenous languages, 4 of which are extinct.  Second and third places for countries with the most official languages go to India (23) and South Africa (11).

 Daniel’s Biography:

 My name is Daniel Myers.  I’m 21 years old and live in Pickering, Ontario.  I have been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome and ADHD and am a self-advocate.  Earlier this year I graduated with Honours from Tourism and Travel at Centennial College.  My major interests include geography, maps, politics, world issues, history, travel, and theatre arts.  I am currently enrolled in the Transition To Life program run by Integrated Autism Consulting.

Image 1 Hachiko Square in Tokyo, Image 2 Languages of Bolivia Map

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