Feature: Brandon’s Animal Artwork

Brandon Vavala is an illustrator who loves animation! We spoke to Brandon about his creative process for his artwork.

Greg the Goat

Where do you gain your inspiration from? – “I get my inspiration from cartoons and movies. I love anything that is animation and live action remakes, for example the Lion King, Dumbo and Beauty and the Beast. For these characters, I was inspired by the movie Zodiac: The Race begins which is a 2006 animation movie.”

Diana the Dog

How do you create your character designs? – “I design them with shapes of what the animal should look like and their anatomy. I observe animation movie designs and base my designs on that. I then create a personality for the character. For example, I designed Oliver the Ox as a hardworking ox who owns a farm but wants to leave the farm for a big life in the city.” 

Oliver the Ox

How do you approach the creation of your stories? – “For this portfolio, the story is about the animals who go to the Olympics to achieve their goals and so the world can see them as better individuals. Sometimes their goals could change over time. One character, Ronald the Rat, wants to take part so his species will not be considered a scary pest.”

Ronald the Rat
Melvin the Monkey

View Brandon’s full Portfolio below:

Thanks for sharing your Portfolio and creative process with us Brandon!

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