Dublin – Photographer and Graphic Artist

Dublin is a burgeoning photographer and graphic artist who has recently graduated from the Transition to Life Course.

Dublin has enjoyed taking pictures all of her life. She takes and edits her own photos – and focuses on images of nature, graffiti, street art and abandoned places. Dublin says, “I never started to think of it as a career until a couple of years ago. I have a bad memory so pictures for me are a way to remember happy times in my life.”

Dublin describes her creative process as taking photos of anything that she finds interesting and then using an App, PicsArt, to apply different effects until she is happy with it. Dublin’s photography focuses on nature, as well as anything weird or creepy. “I am a big horror [movie] fan, so anything related to that. I like the darker side of things so I like to showcase that with my work,” she explains.

Not only is Dublin interested in photography but she also has a range of interests in creative arts. Dublin describes these interests, “I enjoy painting, my favourite medium to work with is spray paint. I’m a musician who plays guitar and am hoping to learn how to play bass guitar, and eventually violin. I like to draw and I want to learn how to crochet and cross stitch. I like to bake as well. I am pretty much interested in anything that’s creative.”

That says it all. Dublin is one creative person who curiously seeks out new creative avenues to dabble in. She is already developing her own unique style of graphic photography.

Thanks for sharing your creativity with us Dublin!

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