Ali’s Book Review: The Girl Who Came Home

The book I’m going to talk about is called “The Girl Who Came Home” by Hazel Gaynor.  


It tells the story of two young women: Maggie Murphy and Grace Butler. Maggie is a seventeen year old girl leaving a small village in Ireland with her aunt and thirteen others to start a new life in the United States; they are travelling Third Class on Titanic, Maggie is one of the few Third Class passengers to survive, and she puts it behind her. Grace is the great granddaughter of Maggie and is healing after the death of her father. After being told about Maggie’s Titanic connection, she begins to discover the missing pieces in her great grandmother’s past that help both of them fill in the gaps and finally learn to look towards the future.  

This book is one of my personal favorites, and is perfect for the history fanatic or someone who just needs a good book to read. It talks about love, family, loss and finding the courage to start over despite great tragedy. It’s a great story, one that’s worth a try.  

Written by Alanna (Ali) Wilson

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