A Big Thank You to Our Funders!

     We wanted to extend a big thank you to Margaret Spoelstra, Executive Director of Autism Ontario, and Ross Woledge, from Odgers Berndtson, for all of the fundraising support they have contributed to make Transition to Life Kitchener Waterloo a success!  Mrs. Spoelstra and Mr. Woledge attended the Transition to Life ceremony and presented participants with certificates. Below is thank you letter given on this night by one of our participants.

Mr. Woledge and Ms. Spoelstra, on behalf of all of us as part of Transitions To Life, we’d like to thank you. With your funding of this informative and developmental program, we’ve become more aware of social cues, how to excel in an interview, and the importance of independent living. We’ve all learned so much from these seminars, how to function properly in social environments and how to succeed in post-secondary education not to mention the futures that lie ahead for us.

Personally, I’ve searched for employment for little over a year. Thanks to your fundraised program and the coaches’ expert guidance, I got hired just this month at Cineplex. I was nervous at the thought of a group interview, something I’d never done before. However, Paulette’s coaching helped me participate with the other applicants, making it a positive experience. She came to observe the interview and offered feedback afterwards. I truly appreciated the coaching aspect of this program.

These seminars encouraged us to build our social skills by engaging in group outings such as a board game café and campfire hangout. These activities increased our ability to converse with others in a socially-polite manner, strengthening our techniques for social interactions outside Transitions as well.

This program would not be possible without the help and expertise of Paulette’s fellow coaches and instructors, Bruno and Claudia. Throughout these eleven seminars, these people encouraged us to complete in-class assignments, gave us one-on-one coaching periods and ensured we were prepared for the next day of Transitions. I believe they all should deserve applause for their efforts. I’d also like to thank Pat O’ Connor for designing and founding the program. This would not be happening if not for her incredible commitment of helping people with autism prepare for their futures.

We’ve all gathered the skills we require to tackle college, employment and knowing various techniques for successful social interactions. I’m sure everyone who took this program would agree with me when I say ‘thank you’ for making this opportunity happen.

 – Patrick Taylor, Transition to Life Kitchener Waterloo Participant

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