1 Week Left to Register for Transition to Life: Barrie

A Model for Living a Good Life for People with Asperger Syndrome

How to Apply:

1. Contact Integrated Autism Consulting and provide your Name, Age, Address, Phone Number and E-mail Address.

2. An application package will be forwarded.

3. Complete and return the application package with a $100.00 deposit.

4. Potential participants will be contacted for an interview.

Application Deadline: October 24, 2014

Project Support

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Autism Ontario – Program Oversight/Collaboration Integrated Autism Consulting – Project Facilitation


Project Director – Patricia O’Connor, Integrated Autism Consulting


12 week Diploma Course, Winter 2015

Project Description

Transition from secondary school to life is one of the most stressful times in the lives of young adults, but for those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (Asperger Syndrome) the event is overwhelming and anxiety provoking.

The intent of this project is to respond to the increasing needs of young adults with Asperger Syndrome transitioning from the secondary school setting into employment and independent living.

Diploma Course Georgian College, Barrie, ON

12 week course: 3 hour sessions – January to March 2015

2 hours of individual coaching per week

24 hours of on the job training

  • Practical assignments
  • Interactive tasks and problem solving activities
  • Community based activities
  • Guest speakersMonthly social activities
  • Individuals with Asperger Syndrome will be assisting with teaching and coaching the course.
  • Additional email and telephone support as required

Project Criteria

Documented diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder(Asperger Syndrome)

  • Ages 18-28
  • High level of motivation to meet program goals
  • Parent commitment and involvement
  • Mandatory attendance and weekly assignment completion
  • Ability to attend the course and employment placement independently

Course Content

  • Understanding your Diagnosis
  • Transition from Secondary School to Life: Benefits and Challenges
  • Assessment of Current Skills
  • Emotional Regulation and Anxiety Reduction
  • Social Understanding and Safety
  • Healthy Relationships: Friendship and Sexuality
  • Post Secondary Education
  • Employment
  • Self-Employment
  • Independent Living Skills
  • Planning for the Future


Tuition Fees

Reduced Tuition Fee: $400.00

This course is subsidized by the Government of Ontario and Autism Ontario.

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