group-autism-disordersIntegrated Autism Consulting was founded in the year 2000. After decades of employment, skill development and knowledge acquisition in the autism field the concept of providing a holistic, eclectic support service for people with Autism Spectrum Disorders and their families emerged. Since ASD is a complex disorder involving communication and social skills, self-regulation, anxiety and sensory issues, and each individual is affected differently, specialized personnel were being accessed for each of the specific needs – attention on the details – not the person as a whole. Confused parents ran from “specialist” to “specialist” and arrived home with a range of treatments and strategies that would take a small army to implement.

Integrated Autism Consulting focuses on all facets of the disorder and person and provides an integrated and individualized approach to services.

Integrated Autism Consulting is a business on a mission to help people with Autism Spectrum Disorders be as independent and as included as they are able.

about-pat-oconnor-2Integrated Autism Consulting provides skilled, evidence and solution-based services for families, professionals and individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders across the lifespan and spectrum. We are dedicated to providing training, coaching, consultation, advocacy and developing individualized programs and curriculum to facilitate independence and community integration. Supporting young adults with Asperger Syndrome, as they transition from secondary school, has become a primary focus.

Integrated Autism Consulting has a network of associates to provide a comprehensive service delivery approach, whenever necessary. ​Speech language therapists, physiotherapy and occupational therapists, psychologists, social workers, employment specialists as well as mediation and legal supports can be accessed to support individuals or groups.

pat-oconnor-autism-coachPatricia O'Connor

Patricia O’Connor has lived her life surrounded by people with learning differences and special needs. From a very young age she was immersed- having a father physically affected by polio and close relatives such as Molly who was deaf and mute as well as Jackie who had a developmental delay.

The person who provided the most inspiration for her life’s work was baby brother Chris. He rocked the O’Connor’s world with his unique perspective and communication style, multiple sensory issues and repetitive behaviours that brought family members to tears and left groups of specialists in white lab coats puzzled and dismayed. Diagnosis: autism- in the days when the incidence of autism in the general population was 1/10,000. What to do – no one knew? Sanatoriums for 6 year olds were in fashion at the time – complete with padded rooms and straight jackets!!  That is the day the career in ASD began – although this was unknown at the time.

Years have passed and many gains have been made in the field however autism has grown up and the services and supports for adults have remained in their infancy. Barriers for independence and employment exist and inclusive community living remains an elusive dream.

Integrated Autism Consulting is a business on a mission to help people with Autism Spectrum Disorders be as independent and as included as they are able.

Patricia has recently been invited to be a Clinical Associate at the Redpath Centre in Toronto.

View Patricia's Redpath Clinical Affiliate Profile

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Paulette 2 300Paulette Goddard

Paulette has supported individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and their families for the past 25 years. Following the principles of Applied Behavioural Analysis, she has been creating and delivering training to teachers and parents on a variety of topics.

Paulette’s work has involved coaching and supporting social skills in the natural environment as well as supporting individuals in managing stress/anxiety through developing an awareness of emotions, and creating a breath & movement practices to assist with emotional regulation.

Currently Paulette’s primary focus has been working with adults with ASD. Since 2013 she has been involved with Integrated Autism Consulting as a coach and teacher for the Transition to Life course.


Erin 300Erin Lalande

Erin Lalande is our Social Club Coordinator and all around go to gal. She organizes the Social Club – a weekly activity event, based in and out of the Centre - for a group of adults with ASD aged 18 - 35.  She has previously worked with IAC as a Coach and the Program Coordinator for young adult workshops from 2014 - 2016. Erin has had a large role in the marketing and administration aspects of the Centre. She has also been involved with the Transition to Life course as a Teaching Assistant and Coach in Ottawa and Durham.

Erin enjoys playing guitar, outdoor adventures, and many art and music-related activities. Erin has an educational background in Public Policy, Research and Technology. She is currently completing her B.Ed and looks forward to building her career as an educator for students with various backgrounds and unique abilities.

chris 300Chris Balderston

Chris has been involved with IAC for the last couple of years. His technology skills are highly valued since he currently assists with web administration and contact management. He is a sought after mentor for young adults at the Centre and is actively involved in community outings wherein he supports and directs skills for independence in the community. Chris directs the monthly Dungeon World sessions at the Centre and occasionally facilitates group interactive learning / social experiences / events at a weekly social group…The Social Club.

Chris is passionate about technology and has always loved to tinker with things.

He received his Diploma from Georgian College for Computer Programmer Analyst in October of 2015 and is currently working as a Technician at Staples Business Depot. In his spare time he is fond of exploration, climbing trees, and trampolining. He also enjoys trading card games, as well as collecting and playing video games.